The method of consultation NATSUKAWA offers

Y. NATSUKAWA accepts anyone who is clinicopathological level, poor socially adjustable level and/or socially adjustable level.

NATSUKAWA with hypno-therapy, art-therapy, reflect-analysis, color-therapy, dream analysis, TA, Gestalt, psycho-analysis, etc.

It is called "solution focused" consultation.

It is not the method which the counselor repeats your words and engage in a single-minded effort to listen to you without any questions or advice like client-oriented method which normally Japanese clients prefer.
Therefore, if you like the client-oriented method , you might not feel comfortable to reach at the main cause quickly. If you want to be listened in sympathy not to find the reasons, you might feel too quick to speak about the hidden reasons.
1. Advanced trainings for children
/ Improving IQ scores

The students with better understandings can advance to higher learnings because their brains are trained to accept and understand new information. Fortunately, this training for the brain can be obtained at any age. However, starting early can help the person’s life much easier especially when they are young and trying to enter the schools they want to and also aiming for success when they become adults. This is the program for children to improve their learning abilities by adjusting brain functions. A training for brain functions may sound complex and you may be worried if your child can be patient enough to receive the training. My program is designed for students of all levels including for the ages linguistically under development as well as students who are easily distracted. The original method is widely known, especially in Europe where in some of the countries, the teachers are required to gain the skill to conduct the training to the students. Additionally, my program incorporates auditory perception training which play the important role in developing intelligence and sociability. Throughout the session, I identify the area in the brain function that needs to be developed, and with the multiple approaches, stimulate the synapses, the junctions which neurons communicate with one another. The more synapses develop, the more brain functions grow.

By participating in this program, the student will be able to develop the following skills:
✓ Creativity and clear judgment comparative to AI
✓ Self-management skills
✓ Self-expressive skills
✓ Positive attitude toward learning and the ability to recognize and overcome the areas of weakness by themselves
✓ The brain functions to learn foreign languages easily
✓ The brain functions to solve complicated problems and the recovery skills intellectually, mentally, and socially
✓ Sociability
✓ Strong memory

“My daughter has many developmental disorders. We participated in the program hoping to communicate clearly with each other. She started understanding what I say after about 6 lessons. Also, her attention span has improved. I was prepared it will take a long time for us to complete the course, but I am very happy we are seeing some results.”

3 levels (The number of lessons each level varies by students.)

Fee (including tax):
1 class (60 min): 12,000 yen
10 classes: 100,000 yen

Group classes (10 classes, more than 4 people): 80,000 yen per person
2. Improving IQ / EQ scores (for adults)

Our work life is strongly affected by the competency an individual holds. A successful business is derived by accuracy and speed. Needless to say, our brain functions take the most important role in how fast we grasp the information and judge what actions to be taken. We can improve brain functions at any age by proper training. If you are facing the following situations in life, you may be able to change them by participating in the program:

✓ Feeling stuck and not being able to bring the best performance at work
✓ Need to learn new skills quickly and maintain good memory
✓ The frequent miscommunication with your boss
✓ The insufficient presentation and reporting skills
✓ Miscommunication with family and partners
✓ Not being able to understand immediately what others trying to say

"New CEO arrived a few months ago. Somehow our communication was not smooth, and it was a little difficult for me to grasp his idea fully. After 4 sessions, I found myself understanding the boss’ intentions clearly at once and my team understands my direction better. I feel that my relationship with my wife and family has also improved. I definitely continue taking the course to strengthen the skill.”

“I took the course hoping to prevent dementia. I couldn’t finish the first level in 10 lessons, but I realized my head was clear in the classroom and the conversations were apparently energetic and smooth. Also, I feel I have better memory now.”

3 levels (approximately 12 lessons for each level)
It is not necessary to complete all levels, but the result will be more eminent.

Fee (including tax):
1 class (120 min): 11,000 yen (required to take 2 classes)
10 classes: 100,000 yen
Group classes (10 classes, more than 4 people): 80,000 yen per person

The group classes can be held with the larger group. Corporate training sessions are also available.
3. Restructuring life/ relationship issues/ improving mentality

Making the same mistakes, worsening the situations and relationships, and suffering from the fear and anger from the past trauma… The personal issues we carry often affect our mentality and relationship with others. This automatic repeat of the same patterns is caused by our brain’s thinking patterns which is difficult to change by ourselves. With the support of the professional, you can change the course from the unwanted automatic pattern to the way you want to live your life. If you are familiar with the following situations, this program can assist you to move on:

✓ My action always backfires.
✓ Bad luck continues like a domino effect.
✓ It is hard for me to trust others. I have no idea how to keep meaningful relationships.
✓ I have a past trauma that I cannot talk about, even to the closest friends.
✓ I feel my life will never change.
✓ I always fight with or feel grudges against my partner.
✓ She is popular and always protects me from others. But somehow, I feel inferior to her and feel bad about myself.

The clients with the cases like above come to my session and start to conjecture the root of the problems while they speak. My restructuring life program is based on 7 steps from recognizing and processing the issue, and then to re-starting the new life.

The program is different from the typical counseling session in which the counselor removes the anxiety of the clients by listening. Such therapies remove the symptom temporarily, but the problem repeats because the root of the issue remains under the surface. My program focuses on the root underneath the surface by approaching several factors such as childhood memories and unconscious thinking patterns.

“After I took 5 sessions, the relationship with my son improved. Now he is more outgoing and seems to have a positive outlook for life.”

“Before taking the course, I kept switching jobs because I had tendencies to conflict with my boss. Throughout sessions, I changed the way I see myself and the way I live. Now I have a job I actually don’t want to let go of. I will continue the follow-up sessions for the next year to stabilize and step up.”

7 steps (The number of sessions for each step varies by the individual.)
Step 1: Recognition
Step 2: Clarifying the issues
Step 3: Clarifying the mechanism of the problem*
Step 4: Decision*
Step 5: Solution and techniques*
Step 6: Conversion and remodeling*
Step 7: New beginning

*These steps may be skipped for children’s sessions due to the linguistic limits.

Fee (including tax):
The first counseling session (maximum of 90 min): 30,000 yen
15 sessions (60 min per session): 200,000 yen
Fighting COVID-19 special offer - 15 online sessions (60 min per session): 150,000 yen*

*The online session can be held on ZOOM or by phone. Please finish the payment before the first session.

The method is also beneficial to the counseling professionals, social workers, and students to deepen the understanding of the clients. Please contact me for further details about the professional courses.
4. Dealing with harassments and power balances

No matter what positions they are in, you can prevent becoming a target for harassment if you can win the mental power game.
If you face the situations like below and stop them from harassing you, you will be assisted to gain the insights to win the mental power:

✓ He targets me and yells in front of others exaggerating how right he is.
✓ She interferes with my tasks on purpose and then pressures me that we are running out of time.
✓ My boss always assigns me to projects with tight schedules.
✓ They push me for the responsibilities I was not hired for and resulted in unfair evaluations.
✓ My partner insists that he is always right.
✓ My son may be bullied by his classmates.
✓ I don’t want to see mom friends. But if I stop seeing them, they will spread rumors about my family.

“I never thought my situation would be fully understood because it is too complicated. But she clarified my problems accurately and advised me the effective actions to take. I gained the confidence to face the situation.”

Fee (including tax):
1 session (60 min course): 18,000 yen
1 session (90 min course): 22,000 yen
6 sessions (60 min per session): 90,000 yen
5 follow-up phone sessions (30 min per session): 26,000 yen
Fighting COVID-19 special offer – 1 online session (90 min): 18,000 yen*
Fighting COVID-19 special offer – 6 online sessions (60 min per session): 70,000 yen*

*The online session can be held on ZOOM or by phone. Please finish the payment before the first session.

The method is also beneficial to the counseling professionals, social workers, and students to deepen the understanding of the clients. Please contact me for further details about the professional courses.
5. Removing pains

It is said that 80% of physical illness and pain are caused by the patient's psyche. However, most psychotherapy that supports the patient only relieves the stress caused by the pain. Body ache is a signal sent from your mind. Pain in certain parts of the body often reflects a particular state of mind. By focusing on this underlying mental state, physical pain can be successfully treated and prevented from recurring.
NOTE: The therapy is based on counseling and is not a medical treatment.

The methods I provide consist of 4 therapies. I use the most effective methods and combinations after hearing the client’s conditions.

■ Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapy is very effective to remove excessive pains. Usually, pain is the signals from the organs but when it is excessive, we cannot recognize the signal accurately. Too much pain is often caused by fears and obsessions to the illness which were taken into unconscious layers accidentally. By hypnotherapy, these wrongly taken fears can be eliminated. This method works both with physical and mental illness.

■ Color therapy – This therapy is nothing to do with art or coloring. Every color has wavelength and quantum. Using colors for both physical and mental health is an effective method proven by NASA researchers. I use the technique called “colorpuncture” which was developed by German naturopath and acupuncturist Peter Mandel in the 1980s. Colored lights are used on acupuncture points to heal the pain. This method is effective in skin inflammation, visceral pains, and also mental disorders caused by past trauma.

■ Sound therapy – The body reacts to the sound’s frequency and usually works best for headaches and migraines when used as a therapy. By sending proper frequency to the brain, sound therapy can also stimulate and stabilize clients with developmental disorders and Down’s syndrome.

■ Muscle relaxation – This is not osteopathy, but by focusing on muscle flexibility, most muscle-related pains like back and hip pains can be eased.

“My doctor said the symptom was already healed, but the pain continued even after several years past. I was worried that for how many more years I will take painkillers so I decided to try her therapy. At first, I was a bit suspicious about treating physical pains with mental therapy. But she explained the mechanism why I still feel the pain when I am not supposed to and that made me feel at ease. I received the muscle relaxation and hypnotherapy first. I was surprised by the result because for the first time in a long time, I was free from painkillers after the session. However, I will take the therapy again to keep the condition. Considering the results, it was worth the money.”

3 steps
Step 1: Hearing for the current conditions and decide the type(s) of treatment to be used. The first treatment will be applied.
Step 2: The condition check and the follow-up treatment.
Step 3: The condition check and the follow-ups treatment.

Hypnotherapy: 90 minutes x 3 sessions*
Other therapies: 60 minutes x 3 sessions

*Hypnotherapy takes 90 minutes for the treatment itself. The number of sessions for hypnotherapy may vary by individual. If you prefer hypnotherapy from the first session, please inform us at the appointment. If you prefer combining hypnotherapy with other therapies, please note that the appointment time will be 180 minutes minimum (90-minute hypnotherapy + 60-minute other therapy).

Fee (including tax):
Hypnotherapy (90 min) x 3 sessions: 68,000 yen
Other therapy (choose one of the following: color therapy, sound therapy, and muscle relaxation) (60 min) x 3 sessions: 42,000 yen
Therapist: Yoshiko Natsukawa

A certified trainer, therapist, and counselor with over 15 years of experience. She started the career as a counselor after experiencing diverse positions at international corporates and studied counseling and psychology in the United States. Her specialty areas include relationship and personality management, therapy for children, coaching, IQ development, habit management, and hypnotherapy.

Methods of payments:
All sessions required to pay in advance.
Bank transfer

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